I feel so ashamed 😔😔😭😭updated I told my mom

I think I have genital herpes

I can’t get a clear picture of why I think I do and I don’t really think you guys want to see it anyway

Its started to burn when I pee, my lips (down there) have been itching and there’s what looks like a sore that was bleeding a little

I have a boyfriend and he’s the only one I’ve been with (I’m 17) and he told me and I don’t really believe him on this (if you knew his past with texting a lot of girls and basically being a man whore you wouldn’t believe that either but he’s changed a lot and I have access to all of his social media and his phone whenever I want) but he told me he’s only been with 2 people, me and another girl (I don’t know who) and we have unprotected sex a lot (I know VERY stupid 😭😭) I should’ve asked him to get checked out before we did anything together

I’m scared to tell my mom about it not because they don’t know I’m not a virgin because both my parents know I’ve had sex (they think only once because my boyfriend and I got caught by my dad😳😳😳😳😭and I didn’t tell them other wise)

I already feel like enough of a disappointment to my parents because of this even though they told me they understood why and said they weren’t mad just upset but how can I bring this to my mom she already thinks enough of my boyfriend this will just give her another reason to not let me see him or be with him and he’s not a bad guy he’s super nice to me and helps my parents a lot and is just all around amazing he treats me a hell of a lot better than my ex boyfriend who my mom knows about and knows everything I went through with my ex and she told me that she didn’t think my bf was a bad kid and liked him but she still has her suspicions about him even more now with the whole getting caught having sex

This is getting long I’m sorry I just want advice on how to bring this up to my mom and not feel like she’s disappointed and will be even more disappointed with me after I tell her what I think is going on with me

Thank you guys

I told her and she said she’ll talk to my doctor at my appointment I have on Friday about getting an obgyn appointment

And she said that it could just be the antibiotics I’m on

I had a rash on my face that the doctor said was palpable purpura caused by a bacterial infection and then I got cellulitis on my right foot and went to the hospital for it and got more antibiotics

Cellulitis is commonly caused by strep throat (which I got a negative strep test so it wasn’t that) or a staph infection which I didn’t know so my mom also said that before I went to the hospital for my foot I might have touched my foot and then wiped or something down there and that’s what it is or like she said the antibiotics she said that my grandma gets these kinds of things when she’s on antibiotics too (she actually looked down there so she could see what was going on😳😳😭)

I cried ALOT but she said it’s gonna be ok that we’ll get an appointment and figure it out