ADVICE!!!! Help!


So DH and I have been TTC for 3 years. I have PCOS and am overweight. I’m on 1,000mg of Metformin once a day. My periods are regular now and have been for a year but I don’t ovulate! Hubby and I want a baby SOOO bad. I went to a new obgyn yesterday hoping to hear that I could get on a Clomid, turns out he no longer does infertility and thinks I need to see a Reproduction Specialist. I was hopeful that the obgyn would be able to help, but he couldn’t so now I have an appointment with the specialist for PCOS. Insurance won’t cover fertility but will cover PCOS stuff. When I left the doctors office yesterday all I could do was cry. Why do people who want to get pregnant and plan for it not able to but some girls can get pregnant with no problem at all and on accident. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard. My mom wants me to have a baby but doesn’t think I should see a specialist yet because I’m only 22. She had a nurse at her work with PCOS talk to me today, she suggested losing weight and taking Metformin regularly (like I already do) I don’t know whether to follow this advice or continue on to see a specialist. The obgyn did say he didn’t think I would have a problem getting pregnant with the help of a specialist. I got the call today I have an appointment for June 6th. What do I do until then?? Are there any natural ways to induce ovulation??? Ugh! This is all SOOO confusing.