my period came...


I have been on birth control for about 3 years and of course while on it I was always hoping that my period would come every month, and it always did, right on time. I’d be so happy from the relief that I wasn’t pregnant.

However 2 months ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to bring a baby into our lives and I stopped taking my birth control pills. We had sex every day and always made sure that he finished inside of me. We were ready for this baby!! Unfortunately my period came. Both of us were really sad about it but we had read so many stories about how the first month off BC can be tricky to conceive but the second month, many women will get a positive. So we tried not to put the pressure on ourselves and we had fun with our sex but made sure to always have him finish in me at least once a day especially during my fertile window. I was feeling really confident. But.. my period just came today. 5 days early at that. I want this baby more than ever and I know it’s only been two months but with so much anticipation hoping for it, it’s hard to not feel down. It just makes me wonder if those 3 years of taking my BC religiously at 5 everyday messed my body up and the chances to conceive.