Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness?


This isn't really controversial, but I thought it would be a nice post the read through. Please delete if not allowed. So have you? Would you mind telling the story?

I'll start. There was a little girl with cerebral palsy at my daughters school. She was younger than my daughter, but they were really great friends. My girls birthday parties were the only ones she was ever invited to. At the end of last school year she was looking pretty weak and tired, over the summer they found out she had a rare form of liver cancer and just before the start of the new school year she passed away.

On mother's day this year the school office said they had something for me. It was a hand written note from the little girls mother and a gift card for a massage. The note said that she had seen me lifting my daughter out of our van and into her chair and remembered how difficult it was sometimes just doing day to day things for her daughter and that sometimes a massage really helped her. I broke down ugly crying right there in the school office. To think that SHE thought of ME was just so touching and unexpected.

So what's your story!?