Planning around “possibly pregnant “

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 17 months. Outside of the emotions involved with a lack of conception, I struggle with the on going battle of knowing whether or not I can engage in certain activities. So many activities we wish to participate in provide warnings of “don’t if you are or could be pregnant.” While I would be happy to say “no” to something if I truly was pregnant, having the on-going question of not knowing and trying from month to month makes it difficult to know whether or not I can engage. Some of my main battles are hot tubs, saunas, tubing, jet skis, trampoline type of activities, signing up for 5k’s, etc. It’s easy to decide when I’m clearly on my period, but when I am in that in between time when I show no symptoms but “could be” and then it always turns out to not’s frustrating, as many of you may be familiar with. So, sorry for the length of this question is, what do you do? Do you do the fun stuff and hope the babies safe if you happen to be pregnant, or do you refrain from these things month after month and miss out ?