no social media but new hair (update!)

***** you ladies are so kind!! honestly, i feel like in a world where girls and women feel so incescure and judged, and where women usually feel the need to put each other down, something like this means the world! i never feel good about myself, i dont like how i look and when i post a photo on here its because i dont feel like anyones going to be like "omg nice hair but she needs some makeup!" (trust me, this is what 90% of the women i know are like), but i never expect so much kindness and compliments! so thank you! you have all just given me a massive boost! ******** I need to post a photo. I think this and my dog is the only things I feel the massive need to post about! but I loveee. I'm a natural blonde and have decided to go a little bit darker. I never take photos with zero makeup but have done tonight because it's too late to put on but I needed to share.