Husband doesn't return the favor

I've been married for over 3 years to the love of my life. Sex is good, no question here. But even though I frequently go down on him, he doesn't do it back. I think he tried once, but he stopped. I tried talking to him about it once, but he kinda brushed/giggled it off. He is an amazing guy and a loving husband, but it bothers me a bit. I am clean, I don't smell weird, I shave, I am in a very good shape, I take care of myself and I don't know why not( I brought it up once and I am way to embarrassed to do it again... I feel like one time should be enough and if he didn't react that means he really doesn't want to :/ ladies, what to do here? I don't want to push it on him, but I feel like it should be normal... I just don't know what the deal is 😣