Is he hinting??

overit • Got questions, ask.

I recently relocated (my longest and most difficult move, and my job as a Navy Hospital Corpsman is to blame). My husband stayed behind in CA to give his boss a couple weeks to hire/train someone to replace him. Brandon (my hubby) and I have been married for nearly 2 months.

Anyway, I called Brandon the other day to tell him about an apartment I looked at which I was so excited about. And I told him that I felt like this was the best choice for us because I knew he would like the social climate, amenities, and the culture. It's a large complex with lots of family oriented amenities. Pools, grills, computer lab, yoga and kickboxing classes, a small movie theatre you can reserve. The layout and appliances are beautiful. I told him I loved it the most because even though we aren't planning to be parents until we can move back to CA to be close to our families, I felt that I could see us being parents in this apartment community. He said, "Aawww, we'll babe, maybe after a year or two we can just go ahead and try" and I said, "But I'm only stationed here for 2 years silly". I don't quite remember what he said after. But I feel like he might end up wanting to conceive earlier than planned. I feel mushy about it, but also have mixed feelings. I'm new in my job. New to this marriage. I want to get back I to tip top shape. I want to make rank and go back to school for another associates. Brandon wants to go to Chef school. Ugh. I really want to wait until we are close enough to our families to not miss big holidays and milestones.

I have no intention of asking to see where his mind is at about parenthood until he finally moves here and is with me I don't think it's a good idea or good timing to bring it up while long distance. I know I want children with him. I never desired a baby until I fell in love with him and listened to how he aspires to be a dad.

I'm just nervous it may be a fight or a kink. We have a lot going on. What do I I do if we are at odds with this topic???