WILL THIS END MY MARRIAGE? Help!!! (Long post)

Sorry this is long, but here’s what is going on!

So my husband and I have been married 2 years. I fell pregnant in January and had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. It was a surprise in the first place, but we were excited. Well after the miscarriage, we were devastated. We talked it through, followed up with the OB, and decided we wanted to try again. Well then my husband started trying to get out of wanting to have sex. Working late, always saying he’s too tired. So I just out right asked if he wants to try for another baby. He said no. And I am in no way trying to shade him for changing his mind. It’s a big responsibility and that’s not fair to try and force someone to try and have a child they don’t want to have in the first place. But I really really want a child. My aspiration since I was little was to be a mom. I get some people never have or get that feeling and that’s cool! I love that we’re all so different and get to exercise that right! But I really want kids and I feel that I am at a point with myself that I feel ready. I want to start that next chapter in my life. But my husband is now thinking he doesn’t want kids-ever. And I don’t know how long we can last having this big thing in between us. This is about who we are as people. And we don’t want to force the other to change their mind just because it’s how we want the other one to feel , but it’s really adding a barrier between us. There is definitely tension.

Is there any advise anyone can give? Been through similar experiences and have been able to live a happy marriage/life? I love my husband with all my heart but we want what we want and what if we don’t budge?