Anyone age 22 want to be ttc buddies? :-)

Hi guys my name is Toni and my partners name is John (he is 28). I am new to Glow and so far i think it is absolutely amazing. Seeing other womens progress ttc makes me so hopeful!!! I raised my siblings and have partied (HARD) and now I am in a healthy relationship with such an incredible bond. We have been together a year and have lived together since the beginning. We have a dog who we love dearly!! (She is just as weird as us two lmao). We want to expand our family and have decided to begin trying for a little one. I am a very spiritual person and i believe this makes me a well-rounded human being. We are so happy and so in love. Our own parents have failed us and we STRIVE to be the best parents we can be. I have studied child development and worked in 3 different nurseries and my pals with children ask me for advice. I think we have both learned very valuable lessons from our parents mistakes. Im rambling on!!😳lol anyone out there similar age or position?? 😊