Anyone else fearful??

Hubby and I just found out on Wednesday we are pregnant again. Our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage around 7 weeks. My numbers were 111 hcg and 18.8 progesterone. First pregnancy I was much lower and needed a supplement for progesterone. The entire pregnancy so far has been different, I feel crampy and exhausted and the nurse told me that was perfectly normal, she even congratulated me which she didn't first time, maybe she suspected something from my 38 hcg then. I had blood work done on Saturday and find out the results tomorrow. Hubby and I are on cloud 9 and I FEEL like this is our rainbow baby, growing and healthy but I can't help the fear that is lingering in the background. We are 4 weeks and 3 days today and am ready for the results tomorrow, having to wait another 4 weeks for a sonogram is going to be rough!
Anyone else through the moon but have some fear??