What do I do 🙇🏼‍♀️


My boyfriend and i been together for about 4 years and we’ve been through some bad times that leads me to not have any trust in him , not because what he did but because why he hasn’t man up to it until yesterday’s argument. I have to b honest we both did wrong I dated his Bestfriend he fucked a girl and had my Bestfriend spending the night doing god knows what . I’ve never lied to him about anything I’ve done NEVER no matter how much it hurt but him on the other hand hasn’t been completely honest about the past these last few months.And I broke up with him yesterday because I was tired of the lies when he finally told the truth about what really happened I didn’t really wanna take him back not because I was angry but because of the lies being dragged for so long and my faith in him dropped . Even though I know the truth my lack of trust with him lays within him not telling the truth and that’s all I wanted was that . After arguing and crying and bs he finally yells the truth and I express myself also but and boy did I feel better. I miss him but I wanna teAch him a lesson and get his shit together. But I might be pregnant soooo 🤦🏽‍♀️.

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