Debilitating Anxiety

Norah • Welcomed Baby #1 May 9th, 2015💙
I'm 6 weeks PP and up until this week I've been fine and adjusting well. I'd have occasional spells of "baby blues" but they'd quickly pass. However, now I'm experiencing horrible, horrible anxiety and I'm not sure what's triggered it. I go back to work in 2 weeks (cringe! Ugh) so I'm obsessing over leaving my baby. I'm in constant fear of something happening to my baby, my husband, or me. Ive cried everyday for the past 5 days. I enjoy my baby and he's the only thing that makes me feel happy right now. I find that I get angry at my husband at the drop of the hat which is starting to effect our marriage. He feels like I think he's a bad father but he's far from it. He's everything I thought he would be and more. I am in a wedding this weekend and I've been stressing about it for 2 weeks already. It will be the first time I leave the baby over night (that is if I can calm down enough to leave him) I can't enjoy myself or relax. I had a panic attack Friday and I don't even want to leave my house. I stay sick to my stomach and have been forcing myself to eat for the baby so I'm producing milk for him. I have an appointment this week, thankfully, but I plan to call tomorrow to see if they can squeeze me in earlier. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you cope?