Anyone measuring small?


I see all these posts from women concerned about their big babies, but anyone else worried about their babies being small? My first was huge 90+ percent the whole third trimester. I joked the whole first two trimesters of this pregnancy that I wanted to defy statistics and have my second baby be smaller than my first.

I saw an MFM doctor at 26 weeks because of concerns about my placenta. He wasn’t too worried about the placenta, and the baby measured in the 47th percentile then. I laughed, because it was at the same point in my first pregnancy that I was told 97th percentile.

Fast forward to this past Friday. At 34+4, I ended up getting a growth scan done in the office because I measured small when they measured me. His EFW was 4 lbs 11 ounces. They didn’t tell me anything else besides that but said they weren’t worried. Still sounded really small to me so I called Monday to get all the measurements and he’s actually in the 10th percentile now for EFW and his abdominal circumference is between the 7-9th percentile, which means they should be diagnosing this as IUGR. Especially given that 8 weeks ago he was in the 47th percentile! I’m so frustrated with my doctor’s office for trying to minimize my concerns. I was basically told, “well if the doctor said don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it.”