anxiety disorder & depression


Hello ladies.. please bear with me if my post is a bit long.. i am having anxiety & depression since one and a half year. i made a worst decision of takimg pills because i have become dependant. i took antidepressant for one whole year and inderal for heart palpitations. after a year i felt better so together with my doctor decided to stop the pills. now the depression is going worst. i dont want to take anti depressant again. also that it runs in my family. my grandma used to have it and even my mum. my mum does not have it anymore. she is much better now. i want to be good again. i have recently visited the psychiatrist that my mum used to visit but he has prescribed me hard medecine and i feel sleepy all the time. mostly i have heart palpitations anytime anywhere. it can start. i want to know from people whose anxiety run in the family or people who have been able to get rid of it forever. i have 2 children 11 and 7 years old. i want to be good again for them. please please please help me. i pray a lot