Confused and heart broken (possible trigger, death of family member)


Okay so I need y’all advice. I’m at a loss on what I should do. My bf just broke up with me on Sunday. We were in a LDR. We’ve been together since mid January, but we’ve known each other for a over year.

Well obviously I’m heart broken. I care deeply for this man.

He texted me last night, and it made me wonder if maybe I need to just let him grieve, and he will want to try again.

Now my question is. With all that being said, do I let him grieve, and just not text him? Or do I tell him how I feel? Or just text him and let him know I’m here for him, and wait awhile to talk about anything to do with us? I don’t want to be selfish, because I know he is in pain. But I also don’t want him to think that I’m just ok with it, and that I don’t miss him. A song came on earlier this morning, and I wanted to send it to him, but again, I don’t want to be selfish.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. My mind is just screwed up rn. I want to do the best for him, but don’t want to miss out on us maybe trying again.