hating my drs


I've been at about 8different drs at my clinic thru this pregnancy only actually liked 2.

now I'm 39weeks been having regular contractions for 3weeks they r getting closer together n much more painful every day but only been 1cm dilated this whole time but last 4drs I've seen wont do anything no meds no membrane sweep nothing until I'm 41weeks

These contractions r painful enough to wake me up from medicated sleep so I am severely sleep deprived, getting depressed due to lack of progress, frustrated from drs not listening that I am walking around a lot and taking the meds n warm baths etc to help progress things along.

my baby is positioned perfectly ready to go hes ready I'm mentally ready uterus is ready just cervix wont dialate and no dr seems to wanna help with that unless baby gets distressed then they say I'll get a c section wtf