boyfriend is confusing me..

he told me that sometimes he wants his space and not to text me or talk to me for like a day or 2. so i’m like ok. he’s like i don’t feel the same way as i used to with you “me” because we been having problems and been fighting for dumb things.. we been together for 3 years almost 4 in november. but he says alll that so i try my hardest to not text him and conversation with him because i’m letttint him have his space without me .. but yet he texts me that he wants to go shopping and to get food .. and then after that he kisses me after he drops me off... so i’m a bit confused because i thought he said he just wants to be friends for now and forget about me, but No he still wants to be involved with me. right now i’m confused cuz i have no idea if we are together or not..i know he does love me still he just won’t admit it and tell me cuz i’ll fall back again in love i guesss