ok so i have taken tests the past 5 days or so and the most ive gotten is the faintest pink line on frer. if i am pregnant i would be 3 weeks 5 days today. about a week ago brown spotting started followed by some red spotting. never enough to fill a pad. it has now turned to brown in my discharge but barely any. there were no cramps accompanying it. just back aches, headaches and maaaajor fatigue. my boobs are also noticably bigger and sore. today after another bfn on dollorama brand

i checked my cervix and it is much higher and softer than it was this time in my cycle last month. had a much harder time finding it. i feel like all these signs point to pregnancy but shouldnt i get some sort of line on frer by now?? will post the pics i have of the test i took yesterday morning.