Hey guys... I’m feeling really shitty. My boyfriend of 3 years has decided he wants time, it all started because he had been acting distant and pushing me aside I asked him not to and called him out on it . I have to say it’s not the first time he does this. The first time I was the one that asked him to get back together , but it made me really insecure about everything. I tried to focus my efforts on our relationship and I took care on him as best as I could. Cooked for him, took care of him when he was sick, always tried to make things easy for him, caressed him. Without much of him putting the same effort.

And when he broke up with me the first time he always posted things that he was doing having fun as if I never existed. Even following girls and talking to them.

I feel really lonely and heartbroken. But I don’t want to ask him or chase him I feel it’s not fair. Though I do want to. Basically I feel horrible. But I don’t want to go back. I think he has been unfair to me and cold.

How can you love someone that treats you that way? How can I let go?