please Help!

so i am very self concious about my body because it has bumps all over .. well i mean on my butt and back and in between my legs ... i get so embarrased in front of my boyfriend (we have been together for 3 years) well i still get so eh about my body because of all these nasty bumps. ( also i do want to send him a booty pic to suprise him but i just never can because im so disgusted by these bumps) i am wondering is there any type of thing i can use to get rid of these bumps ?? please let me know i am not sure if its because of the soaps i use or because i am over weight :( but i want to feel comfortable and my boyfriend doesnt mind it but i do . i see all these women with clear bootys lol and im here with bumps :( i am going to insert the soap i use .should i not use these anymore ?