I’m 38w am i getting into labor ? If so how can I speed up labor??

I’ve been cramping since May 20, they felt like regular period cramps and my doctor said they were normal , jumping into April the “cramps” got stronger & more often .. I told my doctor about it but did not bother to check if I was dilated (my doc did tell me the baby head was down), In the last week of April my doctor told me he was retiring and referred me to another doctor & told me that he didn’t wanna check me because he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable being checked down there 2x by 2 different doctors. I went to see my new doctor last Monday & I explain the cramping & the tightness & told me everything was perfectly normal & my baby was doing great .. after that appt the next day I noticed my underwear was wet & I instantly thought I peed my self .. untill the 3rd day when I decided to wear a pad , when I checked the pad it was wet , no color or smell. so I went in to the hospital and they told me it was just discharged nothing to worry about to call my ob .. I went ahead and called my ob but he’s to has to many patients that my appt isn’t till next week. it’s been a week since i got checked at the hospital and I’m still experiencing some leakage & still no color or smell .. my contractions have been getting worse but they still are an hour to 2 hours apart. Am I in labor ? Or going to be soon ? If so how can I speed it up & help my body dilate faster ?