Man like him makes you hate all men

You love someone so much, have a child with that man being in relationships for 6 years., you were ready to give up every thing just to be with that man, you respect him, you always try to please him just because you didn't want to hurt him. He's working, but doesn't make enough money as you do, you didn't give a F** about that, you saw him, not money., The worst part is not only he's cheating on you with another woman but he let's that woman insults him right in front of your eyes and he stays quiet looks like a baby, he's not even defends himself , thing you wouldn't do to him. And the woman keeps venting herself that he's the one who's paying her bills. Part of me wants to put him in child support, not because I'm bitter, but just to see how is going to pay her bills as she claims while he's already on child support, mine would be 2 child support on his ass