Danielle • ENGAGED💍4/13/18. Mother to an 12 year old 👱🏻‍♀️ and a 6 year old 👦🏻 stepmom to a 9year old 👦🏻 and expecting our 🌈 👶🏻 💙5/2/18

Alexander Cassian born may 1st at 8:35pm, weighing 7lbs15oz 20.5” long.

Went in to be induced at 3am started pushing around 6:30, after an hour and a half of pushing they realized he had turned to where he face up, I was exhausted and didn’t think I could handle any more. They ended up having to use forceps to help me deliver my sunny side up baby, since they couldn’t get him to turn. One exhausted sore momma but 2 hours of pushing and only one stitch later I have my handsome man.