My beautiful Daydream 😍

So my daydream started like this: It stared by me getting pranked that he was at a really bad condition. I started crying and immediately ran at his job looking for him. When I realize he was okay and that nothing happened I burst into tears, trembling in his warm arms while giving him a tight hug, and telling him how afraid I was and how much I loved him. I look up and caress his face while he cleans my face from my hair and tears and kisses me on my forehead trying to comfort me. ‘I’m glad you came, I’ve missed you so much’ he said. ‘Go home now, relax, and wait for me to come. I will be home earlier today for you.’ he said and kissed me a goodbye.

I went home, had a warm shower and prepared for an awesome night. I wore my sexy white lingerie and laid on our bed waiting for him. I fell asleep, and a moment later I felt something laying on top of me and rubbing on me. I open my eyes and he was all mine. ‘Hello angel.’ He said, and with a bright smile started kissing every inch of my body, starting from low on my tummy up my breast and neck and then on my face and lips, and all this while hugging me near his body. After a moment he is inside me while he is tightly holding my hands. We have an orchestra of moans and then while going in and out he starts rubbing me simultaneously. I immediately start spasming while pilling his body to touch mine. He smiles and exits. He grabs me into his arms an places me onto his fast breathing chest. I look up in his face and he immediately starts kissing me. He stops and tells me ‘I won’t ever leave you baby’ and he starts kissing me so madly that we both start moaning while holding me tight.