Need advice What's more important long term an award or keeping your word?


My bonus Daughter is about to be 14. She made a commitment to be in dance the last 9 months. She was scared to be on stage(like she is scared of the Dr dentist and seemingly everything else) We gave her the option of doing the recital next month or not back in Jan so we knew wheither or not to order her costume, she chose to be in the recital. She gave us her word and we told her there was no backing out if she decided to get her costume. Her mom hasn't been a good person since I met her 17 years ago. She lives in the Ghetto with no aspirations in life but to continue to have children, she's on baby # 6 and live off others good will for feeling sorry for her. CPS has been involved for at least 4. A years. Anyways her mom calls the other day pretending tthat my Bonus Daughters school is giving wrong information about wheither or not there is a Awards ceremony or graduation ceremony for her and had me call. They have a ceremony the same day as the recital we spent hundreds of dollars on and bought tickets and everything for. Her mom, I am guessing can't afford to go and doesn't have a car or licence so is saying it's more important for her to get an award then fulfil a commitment / her word. Her mom told my husband after all She didn't sign her up for dance. She has never been in any extra curricular activities until now because her mom can't afford it but thinks we're rich or something and can throw away money. She is letting down her dance team and I am afraid is going to do much more harm in her life long term because she doesn't get held accountable for her actions. Which is more important her word or a school award. Not even 100% She is getting an award except honor roll once this year.