38 weeks and feeling weird 😑


So my partner and I had sex last night (not to speed anything along, just because we fancied each other) and from midnight until 1.30 I was having super strong pains in starting radiating in my lower back and round to my stomach. They came and went every 7-10 mins. I then fell asleep until about 5 am and woke up to the same pains but less frequent. This continued til about 7 am at which point I rang MAU who just said to wait and see it they became more frequent. Throughout today they've come and gone and even though I feel exhausted I can't stop tidying round because I just feel on edge and weird. LO is kicking up a storm in there still inbetween contractions. Every time I go to pee I feel the pressure and there's a little pop of what I presume is head pushing into pelvis/cervix. Does this sound like the start of something or could it still be a while?