nobody ever said

3👼1st🌈👶2018*2nd🌈👶2020*🤰🏻Due 12-2021 • God's timing is perfect🙏⛪

nobody ever said all the things that come along with motherhood nobody ever said there was a chance your baby would have colic or that they would have gas in their tummy that would cause them to be in pain nobody ever said that if you held your baby too much they would be latch to you all the time and cry just to be in your arms nobody ever said there would be times when no matter what you did they just wouldn't stop crying then again nobody ever said motherhood was easy nobody ever worn the FTMS of all the scary things that would take place like if you breastfeed your baby on demand and they cluster eat they're going to throw up and have hiccups all the time because they're eating just to eat when they're already full nobody ever warned that if you didn't give them a pacifier it be hell if you ever tried nobody ever said all the scary things that would make you want to run to the hospital just to make sure your babies okay or how the only way you can get anything done is if they're latch to you with the baby carrier and it makes everything hard to accomplish

but then again nobody other than the mother of that child can feel the love and joy when they look into their eyes are when they watch them sleep I love my baby girl with all of my heart and I don't regret one single minute with her I just wish somebody would have told me about all the nobody ever said and I could have been a little bit more prepared instead of thinking it was all going to be butterflies and roses this is my little angel she will be a month old on the 11th and I look forward to every minute I spend with her even the ones that break my heart because I feel so helpless post pictures of your little ones and let's encourage each other to get through this even if you're not a FTM I would love to hear from you and your stories on how you dealt with your first baby