My birth story

Hannah • Mommy of an angel baby, a handsome 2 year old, a beautiful 1 year old and pregnant with our surprise baby

On April 16th I thought I was having contractions consistently so we decided to go into l&D.; We were there for 4 hours before they sent us home and checked me 3x still not further than a 2. I was heartbroken and tired. My baby girl was posterior so I had a lot of back pain and hip pain that was almost unbearable. They gave me medicine to sleep then the next day we went to my in laws so I could rest while they watched me son. By midnight that night I was having contractions then they stopped but came back in hour later that made me cry I couldn’t even sit on the toilet to pee without having pain. So around 4 am my so and I drove to the hospital they checked me and I was at a 4 and they could feel the bag. They admitted me and from 430-8 they were getting paperwork filled out and trying to get my IV (took 6 tries) still hadnt checked me. Asked if I wanted an epidural several times as I was sitting there crying. Like duh! I needed it right away I was hurting so bad. Finally got me my epidural around 8 and they checked me at 839. I was at a 9. My water broke on it’s own around 10 and I ended up having a second bag that needed to be broken. Took the dr 2 hours before she cake in and broke it and then they had to shut off the epidural cause there was air in the line. At 1220 I was ready to push starting to feel my toes and legs I was starting to get nervous but pushed anyway 3 big pushes and 10 min later my 8lb 5oz baby girl was born with a head full of hair and her cord wrapped around her neck. Took her a min to get breathing but she did and her cry was the most wonderful noise to hear. She latched of right away too lol after she pooped in my hand of course. So excited we added a baby girl in our little family!