Just a little hope...


Why does it feel like every woman can conceive quicker than I? Why can’t this month be my month? .. i ask myself those questions all the time. I was going through a rough patch a couple of weeks ago, and i’m not one to believe much in religion, but I decided to pray one night to my grandfather and i asked him to send me a sign and let me know he would always be there next to me. Well the next day, i woke up to a birthmark on my hand. I hopped in the shower, and I noticed a smudge. I tried rubbing it off thinking it was chocolate and i tried pinching it to see if i had burn myself or something but it wouldn’t come off 😕 .

Two days later, i get in the shower again and I notice it’s still there! At this point i start thinking, “okay.. this looks like a new birthmark 🤔” i look at it and at first it was a little faded and it sort of looked like the Michael Jordan logo, but as the days went by, i started to realize it looked like a person, a stick figure. I KNEW at that moment, it was the sign i had asked my grandfather for!! ❤️ i believe now! And i hope my grandfather can hear my prayers about becoming a mother. I have been trying for over a year and still no miracle, but i have high hopes now than anything ❤️🤞 ! Please no rude comments!!

* one leg may look longer than the other, my grandfather was sick from his legs from working a lot *

At first, barely visible

Birthmark now, getting darker ❤️ !