Umm...period or UTI?


I’m having an issue...I’ve been having this urge to pee for a few days now and I had cramps yesterday morning so I looked it up today and saw that this is a common symptom of a UTI.

Today, I had just taken a shower (about an hour ago) and when I was sitting in my towel on my bad I saw blood..kinda like period blood because I was a tiny clot so I’m thinking “oh my period came early” so I went ahead and put in a tampon.

But then I got the urge to pee again and TMI but when I’m done I usually wait awhile to get those last drops out (lol) and when I wiped I saw pink....I went back to google an it said that UTI can cause blood in the urine. **mind you I don’t have a burning sensation when urinating so that’s why I’m kinda in denial about this**

So with all this being said:

1. Has anyone else experience this (possible UTI and period)?

2. Any home remedies?

3. How can I treat it?