So gutted


I posters a few weeks ago with the most wonderful new on being pregnant with # baby number 3 (how amazing)

Ave been having some spotting thinking it’s normal then cramping too so got told to go up hospital to make sure baby was safe

Well girls finds out I had to go for surgery I had an ectopic pregnancy (my hearts breaking every second)

I thought I would write on here not to scare you beautiful people just because you all make me feel hope that cos a sad time of my family’s life is happening doesn’t mean to give up you all are amazing and just cos my story isn’t a happily ever after doesn’t mean it was anything to do with what I did as a human and that’s all thanks to you guys with your amazing support to women that have or is going through this we won’t be beating so I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE MUMMYS SND MUMS TO BE KEEP UP YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORK BECAUSE EVEN KNOW U DONT RELISE YOU ARE HELPING ANYBODY GOING THROUG BAD TIME WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF LOVE AND CARING ALL MY LIVE FROM MY FAMILY AND ME GOOD LUCK ON ALL YOUR STORYS XXXX