Mama bear


My baby girl is 8 days old today and only breastfed. Less than 24 hours after our daughter was born his temper got worse and he refused to even speak to me. Mind you we are not married. Her verbally abusive father has anger issues. I just want to ask that people pray or send well wishes to me and my baby girl to get through this . I’m trying to stay calm as possible. This man had the audacity to tell me what to do with my body. He told me to pump 4 bottles of milk for my breastfed 1 week old baby , give him the bottles and allow him to pick her up and bring her back although he has no car seat or car insurance. No paternal rights. Serious anger issues. All after I explained that newborns aren’t supposed to leave the house for at least 6 weeks. Also After he told me he doesn’t like crying babies.