Does anyone else have a husband like this???


My husband and I have been married for 2 years. He has a son from a previous relationship and I have a daughter from a previous relationship. We just had a son together in February, he wanted me to get my tubes tied during my c-section. I opted not to as I am 22 and still want more kids. When my son was 6 weeks old I found out my husband had been cheating on me (words not actions). One of the messages he had sent to the other female he said he didn't even want to have kids with me. He told me he was lying and just telling the other chick what she wanted to hear. Well two weeks ago he told me if I get pregnant I have to get an abortion because he isnt having anymore children. I have been on the pill but it has killed my supply for breastfeeding, I have been breaking out and having mood swings like mad not to mention the weight gain. I am only allowed ones certain due to a blood condition. Now tonight we got into a debate as to if it would be easier for him to get fixed vs me. And this is what he said to me.