Growing Up Gay

Abby • 🎪 Aerialist 🎪 ✏️ Student ✏️ 🦎 Leopard Gecko Mom🦎 🐱 Cat Mom 🐱

I picked I’ve never been your typical 15-year-old girl. I’ve done things that no one should do at my age.


- My mum yells at me every day

- I’ve fingered a girl

- I’ve never been fingered

- I’ve never kissed a man

- I do aerial silks

- I can sing

- I play ukulele and trumpet

- I know how money and finances work

- I work at my grandma’s house once a week every week for money because I’m not old enough to work

- I have kissed over 10 girls

- My mum only knows I’ve kissed/dated one girl ever

- I’ve never dated a guy

- She doesn’t know who I am

- My family is mildly homophobic and almost fully transphobic

- My parents and surrounding family are conservative

- My dad’s parents are Catholic

- My mom’s parents are Trump supporters

- I used to cut myself in middle school because I was gay

- I used to cry myself to sleep because I’m gay

- My mum hides my pride flags and refuses to buy rainbow colored things

This is basically my life.

I can’t wait till I’m done with high school and I can escape from this.