What would you call this?

So lady’s, this happened a while ago but it’s really been weighing on my mind a lot.

A few months ago I had sex with a guy I had know for a while. It was consensuel and we had talked about birth control methods before and I told him unprotected sex isn’t really my thing. So fast forward and he’s taking off his pants and he takes a while to do so so I assume he’s putting on a condom. About 20 minutes in I ask if he’s wearing a condom and he says no. I said okay just don’t finish. Two minutes later he asks why I don’t want him to and and I said because I was late taking a pill this week. That’s when he says that he already finished INSIDE ME. So we go get plan B and he can’t even afford it. He said that it was equally my fault that he happened. He even brought condoms with him cause I asked. I also had some on hand.

I really don’t feel comfortable around him anymore and don’t feel comfortable talking about this situation because I’ve been blamed but I also feel violated. Like my thoughts and feeling weren’t as important as his. I guess what I’m asking is do you think this was just an accident or would this fall into a « sexual assault »category?