Will using this alone work? SOS please


Hi ladies so I know I should get on birth control but I haven’t gone to the clinic/doctor to get it prescribed, I’m scared of telling my mom I’m having sex and I can’t go alone ... (I’m 19) and last time me and my boyfriend saw these ...

And we’d like to know if it actually works? I’ve read it does but I read one review that if I’m not on other protection it doesn’t work?? I’m not sure but have any of you ladies used it? Or what do you ladies think? I could get this so easily and it’s inserted into the vagina and it’s supposed to reach the cervix and then 15 minutes it’ll turn into gel (spermicide) so it protects the cervix so... idk ladies have any of you tried it? Should I try it? It’s supposed to be 94% effective. Thanks ladies!