HELP ME!!!...pain in my vagina being pregnant need help and answers?

Angelica • mother of a 5yr old son going for number #2 and married for 3yrs love my family ❤👣👪💕

Hi i would like to know if any of you had pain in your lower vagina i had been in pain by sitting and getting up or walking and always my left leg from my hip to the bottom been swollen and not my right leg my doctor said last month that its normal but im scared tht its not normal im 22 yrs old its my second pregnancy and i wonder if i can be in risk i just want to know if its normal having this pain most of my pregnancy im due on september qnd i been feeling this pqin since i found out tht im pregnant but doctor saids its normal i really want to know if any of you been through this and if you were in risk or had bby premmie i nees your help!?... and thanks!