I can’t believe he’s finally here

I can’t believe he’s finally here! 
I was scheduled for induction on June 6th... on June 5th they were to start the procedure with Cervidil. I went to the hospital at 8:15pm, at 10pm they sent me home without doing the cervidil because I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced and having contractions on my own. 
At 2am we went back to the hospital because contractions got to 5mins apart, however they slowed down around 8am. So they kept me admitted and just waited to start an oxytocin drip. It was a long wait to see a nurse that could start my IV. At 3pm a nurse was finally came to set up my IV and start the drip. At 7pm they finally broke my water. 
I decided to go the route of no epidural... instead I got a morphine shot and laughing gas. 
At 1:40am our little man finally made his arrival. And he’s the most precious little angel I’ve ever seen. 
My world is complete now and my heart is so full of love!! 
Weighing in at 8lbs 12oz... this is Xavier Stanley Singleton