Im at a loss for words. I found out at around 5 weeks. I was pressured to drink and smoke by my aunts friend so i told her no and that i was pregnant but not to say anything because i wanted to tell my family the good news.. A few weeks later i didnt even get a congrats because they already knew... they stole my happiness from me. Now my aunt says i cant be mad because who knows if ill even be pregnant still and it was my fault for telling anyone period before 12 weeks. Im heartbroken. All she kept saying was i was in the wrong and she thought i had an iud but was removed when it expired.. she then argued with me about how i could have kept it in... She has a 1 yr old herself and i think shes worried ill take away from her attention... im just in disbelief. I wanted my family on my side but im just getting hate and jealousy and a "it probably wont last"