Stole baby name?

I just really wanted to rant about something that happened years ago.

I fell in love with a baby name when I was in highschool. My best friend we hung out all the time up until after she has her baby.

We use to talk about being pregnant together all the time. She knew I loved that name. I didn’t have a boy name and only had a girl name and would talk to her all the time because she only had a boy name and would tell me. I always remembered the name she picked out and I assumed she could remember mine because it was about the one name we loved.

My friend gets pregnant after high school.

She then preceded to tell me she picked out a boy and a girl name. I was so excited until she told me the girl name. Yup the name She KNEW i had picked out since high school.

I was so so so upset this ‘best friend’ of mine for what over 10 years decided the one name I loved more then anything was the name she wanted to use??? Since when girl??

Well I wasn’t going to say anything to her because she didn’t know the sex.. but I kept thinking about it and what if I wait and she won’t even consider to change the name.

So I messaged her really nice and was like “fucking asshole why you gotta steal my name” just kidding! I was nice lol

She then tells me she didn’t know I liked the name.. but I just don’t understand how she didn’t!!! We literally talked about it when she found out she was pregnant because I was hoping to get pregnant so we could have babies together but she is also a known liar amongst our friends. (She has lied stolen and used me plenty of times)

We end up getting in a small fight but being fine later on.. (not really because she was always a shit friend) she never said she would change it but

She then has a boy.. so it was for nothing!! SMH

Just hurt my feelings so bad she didn’t even care about me when I always cared about her especially because she was like my sister at the time.

Was I an asshole for bringing it up to her or was she the asshole for stealing my name???

Also would you tell people your name so they don’t use it or not tell people you baby name so they don’t steal it???

The name was tainted but now that it’s been over 5 years later. It’s actually one of our top 3 names so I may still use it especially if we have multiple girls.

Anyways thanks for reading my rant!