Please be prsying for me...I need it

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I honestly feel like God is putting me through a trail because for the past 3/4 months I've had BV twice within a month of each other(Don't think the first course of meds got rid of it) having in between spotting(ranging from brown to red) mild dull pain in pelvic area. Longer then usual cycles, pain afterwards and sometimes during sex. Gotten ultrasound and everything looks fine. But as I type this and being intimate with my husband yesterday... I've had pressure and mild cramping in the pelvic area.

I have been a hypochondriac for a bit and I am struggling to overcome this. So having these pains and not knowing exactly why is just...stressing me out and worrying me so much. I am trying so hard to rely on God and stop searching symptoms rtc etc and I just really need prayer. Because this is like a worst nightmare for me...and instead of focusing on God and trusting in Him I turn to Google and worry about tomorrow constantly and ugh... Please pray for me all...I need it