Everything happens for a reason


The last few months have been awful and so stressful. I thought I hit rock bottom but I was no where close to right.

2 1/2 years into the 3 year relationship I find out “my love of my life” has been cheating on me. At first I couldn’t believe it and I certainly didn’t want it to be true. I mean we’ve been best friends for 6 years! We go to the same university, we have the same group of friends. This couldn’t be happening. I was pissed but stupid and didn’t want it to be true so I brushed it off.

4 months down the road I ask to take a break. To focus on my self and get things back on track .i couldn’t trust him and it was killing me. I just wanted to get away for a bit.

He didn’t like that idea. So he started spreading lies about me. To all my “friends”. He cut everyone out of my life. I had nobody. Later on to find out he was cheating on me with 5 girls! While simultaneously hacking into every social media account I have to stock me. And how could I forget about him getting a job at my work of 4 years to “keep and eye on me”.

His parents were blowing up my phone saying they don’t trust me because of the lies he was telling them.(this “child” is 21 years old)

He was emotionally and mentally abusive.

I just wanted to escape. I slipped into a state of clinical depression. I was so sad. I didn’t have to will go do anything anymore. I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Until this past month where I spilled everything out to my parents.

I mean they knew something was up, I wasn’t going out anymore or talking to anyone. I cried every night for months because I was being exposed by the one person I trusted the most. He went around talking so much shit.

But I’m a firm believer of everything happening for a reason. So I stayed positive.

The same day I spilled to my parents was the day I dropped out of university, a program I never wanted to be in at a school where he was at. That same night I receive an email from a school I applied to. I had received early admission for a fast track program in Firefighting at my #1 Choice school. It was always a dream of mine to become a firefighter and now it will becoming true!

I have blocked everyone out of my life. I am off my antidepressants. I will be attending the Fire Academy on September 24th 2018 and will be 1/2 females in the program kicking ass. I couldn’t be more happier. And to top it all off I met the most amazing guy.

My dreams are coming true!

So for anyone going through a rough patch, just know it always gets better. Take the jump. Get out of the relationship, go back to school, travel to world, do anything that makes you happy! You may feel like you are at rock bottom, but the best part about that is the only way to go it up. Stay positive! Your dreams will come true!