Judgmental friend

My friend encourages me to date this boy for a year + saying he’s loyal , that we look great together , he really likes me , and that he’s cute .

I gave it a try but things didn’t work out but I lost my virginity to him and now she throws shade at me saying at least I’m going to lose my virginity to a boy who’s cute and not black etc

He’s on the chubby side and she constantly talks about how we have sex... like everyone else 🤔 it pisses me off and I’m just gonna stop telling her shit altogether.

She’s telling me to go fuck someone else bc he’s not worth it ( he’s not but still ) but I told her I don’t want to with anyone else and I feel like shes the type that if I do fuck someone else she’ll call me a hoe after .

It just makes me feel bad and dirty when she comments on wat I do ...