Negativity Be Damned

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

My dream job is to be a Secretary in a High School setting. When I told my sister and her husband my dream, straight up the husband said to me "That will never happen for you" my sister of course chastises him for me. But it still hurt like hell especially since I have been applying for every Assistant and Secretary job out there for a year and a half. I felt really discouraged.

All that changed however when I got a phone call today from the school board asking me to come in for an assessment. If I pass the assessment then I have an interview. They noticed that I had applied for so many and liked my resume.

So my lesson I learned and will pass on to everyone. Do not listen to anyone negative. Whatever your dream is, dream it and believe in it. With hard work and faith it will come true.