Bee sting ouch!

Tonight I got stung by a bee twice and started having a reaction quickly like I normally do. I am allergic and have an epi pen. And decided to not do it and just take Benadryl instead. Which my asthma hasn't been bad at all like it normal is after getting stung. But still having swelling ( it's tripled in size) and fever in location and super itchy and tight. But this is just the first day. These things for me last about a week of reaction and am nervous to exceed my inhalers and Benadryl intake because I'm seven weeks a long. I'm just scared of so many things right now. Number 1: like I said taking more meds then I should. 2: having a miscarriage from the stress. 3: did I do the right thing by not doing the epi pen?  4: should I call my doctor in the morning? 5: can you even take Benadryl while pregnant? 6: just having it happen again. Arg! 😕 Has anyone else had this happen?