Baby fever !!!

Caitlyn • Mommy to two precious angels. Nov 30, 2017. June 6, 2018. 👼🏼👼🏼. Praying for a miracle 🌈🌈
So I'm not sure exactly which category to post this
But does anybody else have an unquenchable urge for a baby? I've had this insatiable urge for about a year and a half . 
I'm 22 and married . Both of us have stable jobs. However neither one of us have very much money . we are living paycheck to paycheck in a too small apartment. We are trying to move into an actual house and finish school.  I realize that it is not a great time to have a baby. I know that.
However. I want to have a child. I knew it would be very hard with the position we are in. But that doesn't stop that urge.
I have dreams about being pregnant every few weeks or so. It makes me sad that can't be me right now
I get jealous over the pregnant women at my job and I get jealous actually seeing other peopl pregnant on Facebook. 
I can't go to Walmart or anywhere without getting sad because I saw baby stuff. 
I work with two year olds at a daycare. So I'm getting my "fix". But it doesn't help. I still want a child after being around brats all day
It's not like he doesn't want one ever. But he wants to wait a few more years. He wants us to be in a house. I get that. I know it would be easier that way
But I'm sad. I cry about it all the time. It's eating at me, even though I know that my time will come. What do I do?