Bf always being shady

So I’m 17 & my bf is 19 .. he recently got a job from being fired at Taco Bell. Ever since he got this new job he been trying to belittle me . My parents always say as long as I do what I have to do meaning get good grades , go to school graduate etc which I did about 2 weeks ago they got me. That doesn’t mean I won’t or don’t want a job. My bday is next month I turn 18 and I start college aug the plan was for me to find a job this summer but due to my parents making last min traveling plans they told me wait till we come back for all our trips because it wouldn’t be a good look if I just got a job and I have to keep calling out for a week etc just to go on vacay. My parents said as long as I have a job before aug I’m good which I will be doing. But my bf keeps sending me memes that say there’s 2 diff type of girls 1 . That wears short nails who are more professional and have to wake up early for work and 2 . The girls with longer nails who are unemployed & he said I’m girl #2 . I always save my money so I don’t waste what I get on bullshit and I even buy him shit and pay for most of our meals . We take turns but their was a point when he just Got fired and he was broke as shit and I had to pay for everything and I was tired of it but I still did it . I wasted literally almost $1,000 . We were going out etc . He always makes comments like what are u doing . U need a job man like bitch let me live I don’t got no Damn bills to pay if my parents tell me to wait so I don’t make a bad impression already ima take their fucking advice . I don’t live w u it’s not like I have to pay our monthly rent or some shit idk why he always trying to come for me like I’m his child or I have a bill to pay w him .