Useless boyfriend


Today he was going to the gym with his friend in the morning and said he be home by 12, probably home by 11:30 and he'd call me when he's finished.

So I got to his at 11:30 and I was happy to wait for 30 mins cause he didn't say he'd defiantly be home at 11:30. I had a book with me and sat in the park 100 meters from his house. (He won't give me a key cause he's paranoid I'll trash his house if we break up) but it was a cold day, like 12 degrees.

I told him after waiting for an hour that I was going to go home and he didn't care and then told him I was going to my best friends house (cause I knew he was home and happy to chill) and boyfriend got pissed and told me to wait for him🙄🙄

He didn't show up till 1:30