Am I doing too much for my husbands birthday?

It's my husbands 25th birthday and I'm looking forward to celebrating with him. He's usually very non chalant about his birthday but I think this is a big one! He works 6 days a week 60 hours a day and I just wanted him to enjoy himself for once. I reached out to his friends and planned a dinner for us with a comedy show afterward. Nothing too crazy. So today I asked if he had an outfit together for our outing and he said no. So I asked if he could try to solidify something so we wouldn't be running late the day of and his response was he doesn't care if he runs late because these are my plans not his. I'm kind of disappointed because we never really get out and this was an opportunity not only for us to celebrate him but also to be around other adults. I'm a sahm and I never get out with my kid and his hectic work schedule, not to mention I'm pregnant. 😔
Should I just tell his friends it's canceled?